Data Backup – Must for the Retailers

If you own a retail store, you have to think about the data backup and realize the importance of the same. It can either be a Master data, inventory data, customer information, loyalty information or what so ever.There is nothing worse than having a server crash with no backup data … Its not done Continue reading

Printing – Redefined

Bill printing, the most common phrase that one can hear during the POS software purchase or during the POS implementation(s).

Till today, the most important pre-requisite for any POS application is printing. If a Point of Sale application supports printing in it means that it crossed half the well. On … Its not done Continue reading

Save Money or Make More Money

Save Money Make more moneyThere is a huge difference between Saving Money and Making More Money. Retailers should decide if we need to save money or make more money. Technology getting … Its not done Continue reading

iAlert – Real time alert

Real time alert does give the retail owners a comfort factor about their business. Bpartner Solutions comes up with iAlert that leverages mobile technology to provide information to retail owners, retail customer and prospects about their store operations to loyalty and promotions.

iAlertIts not done Continue reading

Gain Control of your Retail Business – Relax POS

Relax POS, a complete retail business management system that will help you gain control of your business. You can control your business from the counter sales, to the storeroom, to your back office process and all the spaces in between.

Relax POS, a POS Software integrated with Sales, inventory tracking, … Its not done Continue reading

iBarcode – Next generation Barcode for Retail

For some of us or in-fact many of us, Barcode is nothing but a rectangular bars or a square bar with a weird and wonderful pattern that used in products, Tickets, receipts or even in some business cards.

Barcode has becomes a voluntary system in any kind of business.  Retailers … Its not done Continue reading

Native Language – Multi-lingual Support

Retail Businesses moving to new regions in the world are often met with the problem of multi-lingual (Native Language). Many times, invoice includes more than just one language and combines printed information in English or in local languages. Sometimes, the users might want the menus to be displayed in their … Its not done Continue reading

POS – What to look for ?

The first and foremost duty of a retail business owner is to have a look at POS  solutions with completely fresh mind. In the current retail business world, if any business owner google around on POS software, they will stumble upon innumerable links pointing to POS software development companies.

On top … Its not done Continue reading