WOW Series – #4

Mr. Ponraj of Sri Venkatshwara Super Market, a top notch retailer in chennai is currently having 5 stores in chennai.  Relax POS take pride in implementing the retail solutions for SVSM and here is what the response from the great reatailer!

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Your Retail Business Starts here – Relax POS

It is clear and evident like retailers choose to run their business in different forms. In simple words retailers would love to offer customers wide range of products under one roof or prefer to offer products in a specific area of interest.

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We give Solutions!

We give solutions to our retailers and here is the list of retail solutions relax pos offers!


Retail Guru

Growing More and Big with Verticals

Relax POS, helps the retail segment in broad 9 verticals. It does supports retailers having single store or having chain of stores across geographical location along with seamless integration with many of the  leading POS Accessories.

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Inventory Style

You think of it and we give it you. Yes! Relax POS now has the ability to manage items with multiple variations (inventory Style) that needs to be tracked from starting to end.

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More Verticals – The Tight Fit

BPartnet Solutions started relax POS by supporting the Supert Market, Department Stores and fancy stores till now. We have started with a clear vision of supporting theabove mentioned verticals as a start. Yes we were doing a good job and we are happy that customers have started using our solutions … Its not done Continue reading

Change comes through Relax POS

It was an year ago BPartner Solutions took a [cryout-button-color url=”” color=”#47AFFF”]survey[/cryout-button-color] on how the Retail POS software is used in retail industry.

We have installed Relax POS in many customer places in the last one year and we have taken the same survey again and we were very happy … Its not done Continue reading

Centralized Outlet Management – Right information at the Right time

Retail, such a changing industry with heavy competition , retailers always requires right access and look for the right information at the right time. Moreover its not pertaining to one single store. Its for single store, its for more than one store where retailers look and act on changing information … Its not done Continue reading

iBarcode – Next generation Barcode for Retail

For some of us or in-fact many of us, Barcode is nothing but a rectangular bars or a square bar with a weird and wonderful pattern that used in products, Tickets, receipts or even in some business cards.

Barcode has becomes a voluntary system in any kind of business.  Retailers … Its not done Continue reading