Inventory Planning – If you fail to plan you are planning to fail

Inventory management puts the retailer in control on buying decisions only through planning.

It was a hot Sunday, I and my kid went to a super market (name not disclosed) to get ice-creams. It is very usual that kids will change their mind after entering the shop. He took 2 … Its not done Continue reading

You must know what you have got in your retail pos application

A retailer must know what he has got in his retail pos application. A veteran retailer will know the complete problem in running a business. The retailer will know about inventory not getting tallied, sales not recorded or spending too much time in chasing the mistakes rather than helping the … Its not done Continue reading

Do not risk losing customers

Do not risk losing customers should be running at the back of the mind of all retailers and software vendors. It’s a known fact that the retailers are afraid about losing their loyal customers. Retailers also know that it’s hard bring in new customers in less time and the software vendors … Its not done Continue reading

WOW your customer – Feel the WOW Experience

USP (Unique selling point) will be extinct very soon or it will not last longer for any organization. The best thing that would differentiate one from their competitors will be “ what they provide as customer experience – WOW Experience to WOW your customer ”. Facts speaks that more than … Its not done Continue reading

Retail Solutions – we understand you

There is always a situation where you have so many things in hand, yet not able to convince the customer with the solution  and It happens for everyone when someone lay their hands in retail pos solutions.

The only method is to give solution to the customer and also make … Its not done Continue reading