Relax POS – g s t Prepared

We are not ready.Yes, we are GST Prepared! we are sure many questions would have come into your mind on how can BPartner Solutions is 100% prepared for GST dive. Here is how it is.

Starting from Sale, purchase, inventory Relas POS diligently tracks each and every transaction from day … Its not done Continue reading

100% Accounts Integrated

Accounts-integratedIt’s been quite some time since there was a launch of a major module from Bpartner Solutions. we would like to end this year with a happy note by giving a major update … Its not done Continue reading

Relax Tally Bridge

Tally_BridgeThere are many retailers who are using Tally as their prime accounting software, the reason being their auditors are well-versed with tally and they love to get their imports from … Its not done Continue reading